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Safeguarding Children & Young People Policy
Note: this Policy relates only to Children and Young People under the age of 18.

The Humber Junior Squash Academy (HJSA) is committed to creating a safe environment for children and young people involved in the game of Squash & Racketball.

The HJSA recognises that many people who offend against children and young people are not caught and that offending can be undetected for many years. This means people who offend may not have a criminal record or even a history of allegations against them. Recognising this, the HJSA’s statement, sits alongside the England Squash & Racketball "Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Squash & Racketball" Policy.

Mission Statement
  1. The HJSA will comply fully with the CRB code of practice and will treat all existing staff and volunteers fairly.
  2. The HJSA ensures that all coaches and volunteers have undertaken an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Check administered by England Squash or through the Local Authority Sports Development Service.
  3. The HJSA is committed to recruiting and retaining volunteers and to their fair treatment regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, sensory impairment, physical or learning disability or offending background. The HJSA recognises the importance of a mix of talent, skills, potential, background, knowledge and experience and wishes to recruit and retain volunteers on this basis. The HJSA wishes to positively welcome a wide range of people who can provide role models and support to all children and young people.
  4. The HJSA will ensure that all persons involved in making decisions or recommendations on its behalf following a CRB check are themselves subject to similar vetting and are properly trained with full knowledge of all the relevant statutory requirements and codes of practice.
  5. The HJSA requires all coaches and volunteers involved in the organisation and delivering to young people to have attended a Sports Coach UK Safeguarding & Protecting Young People workshop or equivalent and a minimum of a 4-hour Emergency First Aid course (both valid for 3 years).
  6. All coaches will also hold a valid England Squash & Racketball Coaching Qualification, be expected to maintain their Continuous Professional Development through having an England Squash Coaching License which is updated yearly to include Coaching Insurance.
  7. A Child Welfare/Protection Officer will be appointed through the annual AGM and will be the central point of contact for all Child Welfare issues that may arise whilst HJSA are taking place.
The HJSA hereby adopts and accepts this constitution as a current operating guide regulating the actions of members.
The Humber Squash Academy is a non profit making organisation and aims to ensure that the running of all activities are competitively priced to maximise the potential for enabling all talented squash players to access coaching sessions and tournaments.

All academies are priced at £5 per session.
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